Sustainable & Regenerative Startup Creation For Beginners

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Take your first steps to creating your own sustainable startup to stop climate change and build a circular economy

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Take your first steps to creating your own sustainable startup to stop climate change and build a circular economy

Published en 04 Jul 2024

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What you'll learn

  • Understand how to take your first steps, and learn skills in environmental sustainability entrepreneurship and business creation
  • Find out how the Solar Punk Regen movement is reimagining what the 21st century could look like through the power of storytelling and great visuals
  • Describe what 'sustainable business' really means
  • Discover why sustainable business will be one of the biggest waves of transformational business opportunities in history
  • Discover the common obstacles and mental blocks that eco entrepreneurs must overcome
  • Reimagine businesses as living beings
  • Create yourself by building your regenerative mindset
  • Begin to ideate an eco startup business idea that starts with YOU as a unique individual


  • Suitable for beginners
  • An interest in using the power of entrepreneurship to solve environmental problems
  • A passion to protect and restore the environment and nature
  • An ability to take initiative and have fun thinking about new business ideas
  • You do not need tech skills or sustainability skills and knowledge
  • A laptop or mobile device to view the course


Welcome to the green gold rush* and Solar Punk...

Are You Ready For Our Beginner's Course?

  • Are you anxious about our growing environmental problems, such as climate change and waste?

  • Are you tired of all the endless talk and bad news about the environment, and want to do something positive to help and gain the courage to take action?

  • Are you curious about how to take your first steps into the world of environmental sustainability business entrepreneurship and eco startups, and have a desire to learn new skills? 

  • Do you want to feel empowered to start to think about how to create a startup business that helps solve our environmental problems to tackle climate change, reduce waste, or protect and restore nature?

  • Not sure where to start, feeling nervous about this new area, or don't have an idea yet for a new sustainable business or eco startup?

  • You have no knowledge in the field of environmental sustainability, or perhaps a little.

  • You have a passion to protect nature and our shared resources using the power of business and entrepreneurship, to benefit yourself and others today and to benefit future generations?

  • You probably have never heard of the regenerative movement, or know a little about it and want to find a practical path to getting started to take your first steps.

  • You're at the beginning of your career and already sick and tired and frustrated with the job market and big companies greenwashing, and you want to build your own career with a genuine purpose and fulfilment focused on environmental sustainability and protecting nature.

  • If you answered yes to any of these questions then you are ready.

  • What you get by completing this course: You will start to think about how to create your own eco startup or sustainable business idea starting with YOU as a unique individual.

Why this course can change your life and change the world

Damage to our environment and natural resources is accelerating and is the biggest threat to human welfare in the 21st century, and the biggest challenge humanity has ever faced.

Fortunately, in this monumental challenge there is a hidden gift and opportunity.

ALL products and services must be redesigned, rethought, and remade into environmentally sustainable alternatives.

Aspiring entrepreneurs like you can tackle climate change, waste and loss of nature by building new startup businesses to solve these problems.

Completely new environmentally sustainable products and services are also needed.

This gift and opportunity is the green gold rush*.

Giant multinational companies have already seen this opportunity. But fear not, because they are always slow to adapt in times of rapid change! Times of rapid change or paradigm shifts challenge existing ways of thinking and doing business. During the rise of the internet the tech giants were small startups, and less than 20 years later they dominate the advertising and consumer goods industries. Which companies dominated those industries before the internet? Where are they now?

This leaves the door open for new startup companies to rise up to the challenge of building new environmentally sustainable products and services and to do it fast, with agility and smarts.

Climate change startups lower greenhouse gas emissions using the power of business, circular economy startups create business by turning waste into valuable resources, and biodiversity startups use business to protect and restore nature.

YOU can build one of these startups.

YOU could plant the seeds of our sustainable business future.

YOU could also be an agent of system-change to create the foundations of our regenerative or Regen future, but that is a much bigger story... it involves exotic new concepts including multi-stakeholder ownership, the FairShares Commons company incorporation, multiple capitals and currencies, Decentralised Autonomous Organisations or DAOs and Re-Fi or Regenerative Finance. 

You might not be ready for this yet, but we will give you a gentle introduction to Regen.  We will also show you how the Solar Punk Regen movement is reimagining the future through the power of storytelling, and stunning visuals to give a glimpse of what the future of the 21st century could look like.

This course is an introduction to the basic foundations of sustainability entrepreneurship and eco startup business idea creation, and includes a taster of the Regen movement.

You will start to think about how to create your own eco startup or sustainable business idea starting with YOU as a unique individual.

Welcome to the green gold rush.


*Green gold rush = the current wave of new startup businesses focusing on building environmentally sustainable products and services. This includes climate change startups and circular economy startups.

Sustainable Business / Eco Startup = A new business that is focused on creating environmentally sustainable products and services. For example: a Startup selling T-shirts made of bamboo fibres or waste material.

Regeneration or Regen = A system-change movement to not only protect our environment and natural resources, but to restore and enhance it alongside a restoration and enhancement of human wellbeing for everyone.

Who this course is for:

  • Beginners ready to take the first steps to becoming an eco entrepreneur and finding out about environmentally sustainable business opportunities
  • Early career starters from high school to college or university and beyond
  • The frustrated who are tired of listening to endless bad news about climate change and want to take positive action
  • Aspiring entrepreneurs who don't have an idea for an eco startup business yet
  • Rebels who realise that rebelling against the system requires building a new one
  • The ever curious explorers who desire to find out about the regenerative movement ('Regen') and dive deep down the rabbit hole

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